Hello I’m Hui! Mid 20s, she/her
Resident Chinese diaspora gremlin, cryptid yelling at the moon, usually jailed or in seclusion for myriad crimes. I write, shitpost, and get into fights.

I offer beta/sensitivity reading services here.

If you are interested, I am also working on a few big projects related to fandom and writing.

about my twitter

My twitter is mostly NSFW and kink friendly, and includes monsterfucking. Sometimes I also have cursed thoughts and post squicky things. I try to tag if I remember, but if it slips my mind please let me know!

I talk about physical health and mental health. I am also not discourse free. Please feel free to mute, unfollow or block if my tweets are not good for you, I encourage curating your own space and I will not take it personally. I will curate my own feed due to personal stuff too - please do not take it personally!

Please do not ask me for translation/cultural meta on this account - these messages feel tokenizing to me and I have other channels you can reach out to for that.

I'd prefer it if you did not interact/follow if:
you are a minoryou are orientalist or racist
Please tag/warn for: